About Us & Local Amenities


Timber Line Barn had been a dream of Nicole’s for years  – Nicole has been a professional makeup artist for weddings in Southwest Missouri for a little over 10 years now. After traveling to many venues and being involved in so many weddings, Nicole knew it was something she would love to partake in everyday. It gives a great outlet to her creative spirit and attention to detail. After their fairytale wedding (on Timber Line Barn property) in May 2012 in which Nicole planned down to every detail, her new husband Chad, knew the Barn would be a wonderful venture for both of them. Chad is an experienced landscaper – flowers, fencing, and beautifying the outdoors is his thing. With the two teamed up – Timber Line Barn was born.


Chad + Nicole Bryan, Owners








Time for an updated photo! 2014 brought us a handsome baby boy. Here was our pre-wedding season getaway. We visited Beau’s great grandparents in Texas in January 2015.

12/2017 – Looks like its time yet again for an updated photo and info! The last couple years have been quite crazy around here. Nicole launched the opening of her Home Store, Market 116 (www.facebook.com/market116) where she specializes in farmhouse decor and wedding registries for all her brides. Early 2017, the Venue Space of Market 116 was finished and bookings began! (www.facebook.com/market116venue). This venue is quite different and unique! It is an industrial chic space, rehabbed from what used to be an old Chrysler Plymouth Auto Garage. Beau is now 3 years old and loves visiting “all the pretty girls” at the venue – many of you may have met him at your showing! Nicole’s mom, Cheryl now works for Timber Line Barn and serves as a manager, does most of the showings….especially now that Beau has a NEW BROTHER! Dak Carter Bryan was born Halloween 2017!

42 Rainbow Road, Buffalo, MO 65622     ~     (417)733-2476 for wedding inquiries

Local Amenities

Buffalo is a small town, but has hotels and motels, dry cleaner/tux rental, a couple restaurants, fast food places, grocery stores, as well as Walmart and Dollar General. Below is a list help you during your visit to Buffalo.

Places to Stay:

Cedar Oak Bed & Breakfast (Brand New & only about 8 miles from the venue, nothing but GREAT reviews!) Owners are Craig & Dorrine : 417-345-5960

Bison Inn (formally Comfort Inn) $ 86.99/night 2 queen beds (417.345.4000) has indoor pool, Goodnight Inn $35.00/night with 1 king size bed or $40/night for 2 double beds (417.345.2345)  *Prices quoted in March 2013

Restaurants: Hip Pocket Pizza (65 Hwy), Maple Street Grill (73 Hwy), Breakfast Nook (65 Hwy), Cj’s Bistro (Hwy 65)<<– personal favorite for your rehearsal dinner spot!…can’t forget about the coffee house located on highway 65! Expresso Company No.825

Popular Fast Food: Dairy Queen (65 Hwy), Sonic, McDonalds, Hardees

Grocery/Stores: Woods Supermarket (65 Hwy), Walmart (32 Hwy), Dollar General (65 Hwy), Cash Saver (65 Hwy)

For a list of local, and other Wedding Vendors who have come and provided services at the Barn, ask Nicole.  Everything from Photographers, Cakes, DJ’s, Caterers, and More!


Photo Courtesy of AmandaLynn Productions


What is the building capacity?

300 at tables – using the main floor, loft space, and fireplace addition.

Will there be any other weddings, events, or showings the day of my wedding?

NO. We want to make your day special – only one event a day at the Barn!

Is there Heat / AC?

Yes, of course! And a gas log fireplace.

Are there places for my out of town guests to stay?

Yes! We have 3 hotel/motels (within 4 miles), as well has a campground with cabins (within 15 miles). The campground may also provide a shuttle service from the Barn back to the cabins.

 Can we bring any vendors we would like for food, DJ, photos?

Yes – we don’t do any charges or surcharges for you to choose who you would like. We can send you a list though of vendors we have worked with in the past and would be happy to give a recommendation on.

Is there parking lot?

Yes, we have a gravel drive and a graveled parking lot, as well as gravel and mulched walkways. Beautiful concrete walkways all around the barn!

How far from gas stations / grocery stores / motels are you?

We are in the country but only 3.5 to 4 miles from all the conveniences!

Do I need to bring hand soap, trash bags, paper towels, toilet paper?

Nope – we have all that out and ready for you, as well as extras in the kitchen.

Does your kitchen have a stove and fridge?

Our kitchen does have a fridge and you are welcome to use it – but we do not have a stove (it would be too hard anyways to cook for that large number of people all the day of there anyway)

Can we store boxes in the Salon Room?

Unfortunately, no. We have too many small pieces and large equipment in there that it needs to stay locked during the events. You can store it in the kitchen, bride or groom rooms, or in your vehicle.

Can we move the tables and chairs around?

Of course! use and move any way you’d like!

How many tables and chairs do you have?

34 – 60” Round Tables (8 people per table)

4 – 6’ Rectangle Tables

1 – 2’x3’ Rectangle Table

1 – 3’x3’ Square Table

1 – Wooden Hutch – works great for guestbook / unity sand table!

300 White Chairs

Does it cost extra to use the courtyard for our outdoor wedding?

Nope – you can use the Barn, Outdoor Courtyard, or the Fireplace Room all at the same price.

 Does the cost include rehearsal time?

Yes. We do allow a 2 hour time slot for your rehearsal. We schedule it sometime the week of your wedding, as we do take weekday,  Friday and Sunday events. Example – if you are a Saturday wedding, we will schedule your rehearsal for Thursday. Should we not have a Friday event, we will bump you to Friday at no charge, and allow you to stay and decorate after your rehearsal. We do this just to help you out and get a jump start on decor – we ask that less than 8 people stay to decorate, and no kids (things just don’t get done otherwise). Sometimes we DO have weekday events that make Thursday rehearsals unavailable. We start scheduling rehearsals 90 days in advance. Please, touch base with us before booking a caterer or scheduling your rehearsals with your friends/family.  You can provide food at your rehearsal if you choose to – however, you must clean up after your rehearsal and the rehearsing and eating must be done before decorating starts. 

Can we use Fireworks and Sparklers?

You absolutely can use Sparklers (we ask we just have a bucket of water outside as well as a trash bucket) – but unfortunately, NO FIREWORKS. They get in the landscaping and we would like to keep our neighbors happy!

How do we hang things on the wall?

You can hang anything inside with “Command Hooks” – they make them in clear now and they’ve always hung everything anyone has needed to. NO NAILS, NO TACKS, and NO TAPE on the walls please! Even the tape leaves residue. You will be charged for tack holes/nail holes. Once the damage is done, its ruined for our next guests. YOU are responsible to let everyone know that is helping you decorate.

How do we attach things to the arbor in the courtyard?

On the arbor, you can use push pins, fishing line, wire, twine.

Can we stake shepherd’s hooks or other decor in the courtyard? 

Yes, as long as you’re on the mulched areas, stake away!

Do you have on-site dressing rooms?

Yes! Bride and Groom Rooms – the bride room even has a hair stylist chair and makeup chair.

If we rent the Newlywed Suite, can we or our parents use it to get ready in?

Unfortunately, No…we don’t allow anyone to get ready there – we want to keep it clean for your big night and there are too many breakables for a number of guests to be in there hurrying around.

Is there any other rules or things you don’t allow?

Just a few-

Kegs have to stay outside. The covered patio works well for this. They leak and get on our wooden walls inside.

No inside drinking games.

No bonfires, or fire starting, even if its in the parking lot.

No shelled peanuts, please!

No driving on the grass. We take the time and money to care for and seed the entire lawn back by the barn, please do not drive on the grass.

If the xbox gets used in the groom room, and we don’t mind if kids are using it during the reception, but please, put it all back and monitor them. Spills in or around the TV are common with kids and ruins things quickly.